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Coplay Borough Monday Garbage Collection
West Side of 6th west to Ruch Street, and ALL of Parkway West.

Tuesday Garbage Collection
East side of 6th east to Front Street, Cherry Street and ALL houses on Maple Street.

** To View Our Garbage/Recycling Holiday Schedule Please Click HERE **


As a reminder, ALL Collections MUST be at the curb line or property edge for pick up before 7:00 A.M. We cannot return to your residence a second time.  Borough Employees CANNOT ENTER YOUR PROPERTY to pick up your collections.  Garbage not out correctly will NOT be taken.

If you plan on any medium to large scale remodeling at your home, obtain a dumpster. (Permit Required)  The borough sanitation department is not equipped to handle building refuse material.

Please check the condition of your trash cans and recycling bins and replace them if needed.  Cans should not have the bottom broken out or broken handles. Cans in poor condition or considered a safety hazard may be disposed of by the public works department.

To dispose of usable household items
Call American Family Services 610-435-1230 or Good Shepherd Thrift Shop 610-776-8379.

Scrap appliances containing freon
Picked up by calling The General Helper - Roger Marth 484-375-9260

Scrap Appliances - Metal
Anything that does NOT contain Freon will be picked up by borough employees - check the calendar or recycling page for each month's designated collection day. Metal Collection is the 3rd Thursday of the Month. There is NO fee for this service, but you MUST call the office to register.

Larger Items
Included yearly with your trash collection fee, you are able to dispose of two (2) larger items, i.e. sofa, loveseat, Mattresses & Boxsprings(BOTH MUST BE WRAPPED), dresser, hutch, etc at no additional charge, HOWEVER, you must call to coordinate this with the Borough Office. Each additional item thereafter is collected at a fee. For additional information, please contact the Borough Office.

One sofa and one mattress.
No construction debris will be picked up at curbside.

Excess Garbage
Will be removed for an additional fee. For large clean ups or reconstruction, please obtain a dumpster from any disposal company. A dumpster permit must be obtained through the office at a fee of $25.00.

35 Gallon Trash Cans ONLY
55 Gallon drums will NOT be picked up by borough sanitation employees, Tree branches and carpeting should be cut to 3 foot lengths and bundled.

Materials Not Accepted with Trash
Cement, brick, asphalt, dirt, stone, yard waste, tires, pressure treated wood, railroad ties, air conditioners, refrigerators, paint or flammables, asbestos, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, batteries, anti-freeze, motor oil, miscellaneous oils, unidentified closed containers, any hazardous materials.

Diabetes care products such as lancets and insulin syringes are NOT permitted in regular garbage. Notice was received from our Waste Transfer Station (Nov. 2010) as it presents serious health risks to their employees (and ours). They have the ability to determine source of items and fines will be passed on to the responsible party.


How do I obtain Garbage containers?
You will have to purchase your own garbage can (35LBS or less) no 55 Gallon Drums will be picked up.

What day of the week is my Garbage picked up?
Monday Garbage - west side of 6th St west to Ruch St. & all of Parkway West.
Tuesday Garbage - east side of 6th St east to Front St, Cherry St. and all houses on Maple St.
Holiday Schedule Calendar available above. Please have all pickups out early (7 AM). If not picked up call 610 262-6088 or 610 262-8378

Can I Put Metal out with Trash?
No, we have a metal collection day every Third Thursday of the Month.

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